HandsOn Connect Launched with the Help of Volunteers!

The project to transition from Volunteer Solutions to HandsOn Connect gave our Volunteer Center the opportunity to employ strategies related to pro-bono services and skills-based volunteering. We successfully used a combination of paid staff and volunteers to accomplish our goals. The following is a list of the additional support that we garnered to help with the project:

  • Management Business Solutions—a local staffing firm known for active community engagement provided pro-bono services including placement of a qualified integration consultant, managing the project financials, and conducting a beta test of the new system.
  • Phillip Hale—a civic-minded qualified integration consultant provided services at a nonprofit rate and gave time beyond his billable hours.
  •  Dan Royer—a professor at GVSU volunteered time and expertise to improve the navigation of our main web site built in Drupal and to make the website and the HandsOn site compatible.
  • James Greenhill—a technology professional from Spain who was in the country for his spouse’s temporary work assignment, volunteered time and expertise to write all of the FAQ’s that we posted on the site.

Now that the HandsOn system is in place, we plan to engage additional volunteers to provide training and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations. Some of these volunteers will be Encore (age 50+) receiving a stipend for their work.

We are grateful for our partners, the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, the Michigan Community Service Commission, and the Volunteer Centers of Michigan for their support of the project. We multiplied their dollars through the help of our amazing volunteers!