Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC)
There’s $14 million out there with Kent County’s name on it

Thousands of working individuals are unaware of Earned Income Tax Credits, a refundable tax credit aimed at helping individuals and families earning under $48,362 achieve economic stability and security. So they’re missing out on thousands of dollars in savings, money they could be using for basic necessities, like food and clothing. In fact, every year, more than $14 million in tax credits goes unclaimed in Kent County.

The results?

Since the program began in 2002, more than 34,000 tax payers have been served and over $40 million in tax refunds have been generated.
Research indicates that approximately 90 percent of EITC dollars is spent in the local community (housing, transportation and food).
In 2009, KCTCC provided free tax services at 19 sites throughout Kent County.

Single Income* Married Income* Number of Children Tax Credit**



0 $457


1 $3,050
$40,363 $45,373 2 $5,036
$43,352 $48,362 3 or more $5,666