Volunteering as a family provides children with a great start on civic engagement, and kids who volunteer are more likely to continue volunteering as adults and carry on the tradition with their own children!

Five great reasons to volunteer as a family:

Volunteering with your kids can be…
a chance to make new friends
a good workout
a way to pass along your values
an opportunity to learn new skills
fun and inspiring

Creative family volunteering ideas:

Grow a garden and donate the harvest to a food pantry or a neighbor in need.
Have kids pick out one personal care item a week at the store, then donate items at the end of the month.
Decorate cards and send cheerful messages to residents at local senior living facilities
Bake bread or treats to share with your neighborhood fire or police station.
Collect pop cans and donate the proceeds to your favorite nonprofit.
Pick up litter in your neighborhood.



Some of the benefits of volunteering include:

school credit
college or career experience
fun with friends
help others
explore a new hobby
have a real impact on your community
all of the above!