Our goal is to generate resources to build a stronger community and improve lives. The Volunteer Center offers a wide array of programs and opportunities that make it easy for you to volunteer. We connect individuals, students, families and employers with organizations and programs that match their talents and interests.

The Volunteer Center has existed in Kent County in some form since 1931. Historically we have served all health and human service nonprofit organizations. Today, over 150 nonprofit organizations and over 30,000 residents use our services. The Volunteer Centers specialized services include skills-based volunteering, corporate volunteerism and experienced opportunities.

Our Vision

The Volunteer Center is committed to:

Linking volunteer groups with opportunities to serve our community
Empowering agencies to use volunteers effectively
Advocating for volunteerism, resulting in an increased number of volunteers in our community

Our Beliefs

Volunteerism improves the lives of both those who receive service and those who provide it.
Every level if volunteer service has value.
Everyone has the power to make a difference.
Partnerships and community collaboration are essential.
We must demonstrate a commitment to making a positive impact and valuing diversity.

About Us