Graphic artists from BISSELL use their expertise to design and paint a mural at Lincoln School.

You can create change in your community as a skills-based volunteer.

Skills-based (or pro-bono) volunteers provide work-related knowledge and expertise — skills normally used to generate income — free of charge to a nonprofit organization.

Examples of skills-based volunteering include:

Teaching a class
Framing a house
Developing a website
Financial advising or book-keeping

Skills-based volunteerism utilizes the skills, experience, talents and education of volunteers and matches them with the needs of nonprofits. By leveraging all types of knowledge and expertise, it helps build and sustain nonprofits’ capacity to achieve their missions successfully. Individual skilled volunteers may offer their particular expertise to a nonprofit agency, while corporate SBV involves employee volunteers working on projects for a nonprofit organization through a structured program developed and managed by their employer.

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